It Is Time For Conservatives To Rejoin Reality – Stop Acting Like Liberals!

Trigger Warning Every day you see Liberals who are easily triggered over words. Conservatives also use this fact against them constantly. The problem however, is that it appears that Conservatives are slowly sinking down the rabbit hole themselves. Now, before

A Party Platform Tailored To True Conservative Values – A Conservative Platform

The Conservative Platform Preamble The Conservative Platform is a statement of who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe as a Party, while laying out our vision for the future of The United States of America. As

Remember When Loretta Lynch Called For More Blood On The Streets? The Left Listened!

Democrat Leadership Is Responsible For The Violence From The Left Loretta Lynch Calls For More Blood On The Streets Kathy Griffin Poses With A ‘Severed Trump Head’ – U.S. Secret Service Responds On Wednesday, a Bernie supporter went to Virginia