According To Liberals: Trump Supporters And Christians Are All Terrorists But BLM And AntiFa Aren’t

Trump Supporters And Christians Get Equated As Terrorists

Update: Feds Deny Portland Oregon Mayor’s Demand To Revoke Permit To Trump Supporters

As many of you are aware, there is a showdown going on right now in Portland Oregon. There is misinformation and lies being spewed about like I have never before personally witnessed.

During the city hall meeting today in Portland, a woman by the name of Tiffany Craft called Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, a White Supremacist Terrorist, to which the mayor agreed. Tiffany says that she is a former “adjunct professor” and currently works as a faculty organizer with “Faculty Forward Network.” (Whatever that is.)

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In the video below, you can see the lies just pouring from this person. The problem with this however, is that so many people ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT!

The Response

Upon hearing about these accusations, Joey swiftly went live on Facebook to respond which you can see below as well. In his response, he challenges the woman and the mayor to provide proof, any evidence whatsoever, of him preaching hate, white supremacy, or advocating violence.

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Joey also calls her out for equating all Christians to be the same as Muslim Terrorists. What is most striking however is that, according to Joey Gibson, Ted Wheeler never asked him to voluntarily reschedule or cancel the event planned for Sunday.

See his whole response below:


As you will read below, I think it is a pretty clear picture of who exactly the terrorists REALLY are!

14 AntiFa Arrested During Pro Trump Rally Protest In Portland Oregon

As anyone with half a brain already knew would happen, the Alt-Left protesting Freedom of Speech, caused trouble on June 4th. Not only did the Alt-Left mascots known as AntiFa assault conservatives, police, and even regular bystanders, they brought weapons. However, the MSM has done their best to paint both parties as the villain. They have continued to use words like alt-right, white supremacist, extremists, and more. Even after AntiFa was caught with Dynamite and other IED’s whereas Conservatives were not.

Some have even gone as far as to claim that AntiFa were the victim. AntiFa threw bricks and glass bottles at police officers in Chapman Square, and even worse; AntiFa members also hurled bloody tampons and rubber balloons filled with feces at Trump supporters and police officers alike. But this was not even the entirety of their arsenal. But, they were the victims right? Even though the Trump supporters didn’t get arrested, fight with the police, or get weapons or shields confiscated.

(Portland Oregon Mayor Wants Federal Government To Pull Rally Permit From Trump Supporters)

Weapons Seized From AntiFa By Portland Police

Portland Police, Homeland Security, The Oregon State Patrol, and The Multnomah County Sheriffs Office were proactively seizing weapons from AntiFa as they were arriving at the location. As you can see below, there were sticks with sharp objects attached to the end and makeshift La Cross Tossers for hurling projectiles.

Tons of sticks and other various items were also confiscated from AntiFa.

Once the officers started to arrest people, more items were seized. Wrenches, scissors, chains, bricks, bats, knives, hammers, and road flares were only the tip of the iceberg.

PVC Pipes, Dynamite, Molotov Cocktail  materials, Fireworks, and other improvised explosive devices were confiscated from various individuals.

(Watch! Portland Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler Holds Press Conference Condemning Pro Trump Rally)

Destroying The Narrative

FakeNews Washington Post blasted this headline following the free speech event in Portland.

“In Portland, images of knives, brass knuckles, bricks show viciousness of protests”

While talking about the weapons that were seized from the protesters, they say this:

Throughout the afternoon, police posted Twitter pictures of items they confiscated from the demonstrators. It’s not clear whom they came from, but police and local media said some weapons were taken as officers cleared Chapman Square, a park where antifa activists had gathered.

It wasn’t clear where the weapons came from? Maybe this video would give them some insight.

CBS News at least made the clarification that those who were involved with the Free Speech Rally were not involved with the police action that took place.

Police said people gathered by Patriot Prayer and other counter-protesters at City Hall were not involved. They said they used “less-lethal chemical munition” such as tear gas to disperse the crowds.

FakeNews CNN had another inflammatory headline followed with anti-conservative verbiage within.

Hundreds of supporters of US President Donald Trump converged on Terry D. Schrunk Plaza for an event billed as a “Trump Free Speech” rally. They were slightly outnumbered by a mixed assemblage of counter protesters across the street who viewed the free speech rally as an implicit endorsement of racism given its close timing to the racially charged stabbing.

(Video – White Supremacist Jeremy Christian Shouts “Death To AntiFa” And More In Court Appearance)

The Reality

Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson hosted a peaceful rally full of peaceful conservatives spreading a peaceful message. On the other side of the street however, there were black clad children pretending to be adults, who were screaming hate, segregation, violence, fascism, and more.

Did I mention that the “Tolerant Liberal” protesters were also spewing racism and hate speech as well? That’s right folks. But the media didn’t cover that now did it?

Another thing that the media did not cover was the possibility that the Conservative rally was probably more diverse than the protesters. Within the Conservative rally, there were multiple Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and even a decent LGBTQ presence as well. I was able to chat with one of these individuals for a quick minute. You should hear what she has to say! Take note about the reaction I get when I asked about the “tolerant left” and how she is treated.

(Portland Oregon Mayor Shows Blatant Hypocrisy Trying To Shut Down Pro Trump Free Speech Rally)

The Moral Of The Story

After the mayor of Portland decided to label every one of us Conservatives as possible terrorists, racists, white supremacists, etc; those on the Right did an excellent job proving them wrong. The hate and terrorism come from the people who voted for Ted Wheeler. Liberal crazies who do nothing whatsoever besides spew hate, racism, and bigotry that they attempt to claim the moral high ground on.

Their misinformation and outright lying need to stop and it is on us to set the record straight. Especially when you have groups like the ACLU, government officials, and even the mainstream media spreading the garbage.

Watch More Videos Of The Event Below

I was able to interview Based Trojan before the event began. Some common sense on the issues that we are facing in this country today.

AWESOME live music before the event starts!

This is from one of our contributors. Absolutely Hilarious!

Same old boring, stupid, idiotic, chants that we have all grown so fond of over the past year or so!

Had a GREAT interview with Based Stickman Kyle Chapman before the event started.

Of course, ya always have that one douche bag.

The ACLU Lies About Conservatives And Portland Police In Statement About Rally On June 4th

Who Is Going To Sue Them For Defamation?

Mat dos Santos, Legal Director for the ACLU, published a press release on the events that occurred on June 4th in Portland Oregon. Knowing full well that the ACLU hates the right, this shouldn’t be a surprise to most people. But, to actually flat out lie and defame others? That should never be allowed to stand. Within this article, I will be taking the press release apart and correcting the record.

It is important to give the ACLU a little bit of credit however. They did release a press release condemning the mayor for attempting to stop free speech. Granted, it was a backhanded condemnation. They just had to use their fairytale language of “Hate Speech” when talking about the event.

The Statement


by Mat dos Santos, Legal Director

June 6, 2017 – On Sunday, thousands of people peacefully assembled in downtown Portland to express themselves, just as the First Amendment envisions. A planned alt-right rally, the timing of which was awful and lacked respect for the city’s grief over the murders on the MAX the previous week, drew many more counter-protesters than attendees. The tremendous outpouring of support from numerous immigrant rights groups, organized labor, faith based movements, and other anti-racists showed the alt-right demonstrators that, while they have a constitutional right to speak, their message of white supremacy is unwelcome by the people of Portland.

This is the power of the First Amendment. When we organize and collectively raise our voices, we can reject the messages of hate and intolerance that permeate our communities.

Notice how Santos mentions the “Awful Timing” of the “Alt-Right” rally. If the timing was so offensive to you, did you also convey those same feelings to the Alt-Left rallies that were scheduled on Saturday (the day before) and on Sunday? No! No you did not! Nor did the mayor when he said the same lame excuses in his attempt to silence a view that differs from your own hateful outlook on life and the world today.

(Watch! Portland Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler Holds Press Conference Condemning Pro Trump Rally)

Also notice how he talks about white supremacy and how the counter protesters had support from all these people? PLEASE! Feel free to watch the video below and point out any hate speech you hear. I would love to have an opportunity to ask Santos to give me some direct quotes from the rally that came even close to hate speech or white supremacy.

The only racist “hate speech” that showed up on the same location of the Trump Rally was from a Black Lives Matter supporter. As you can see in the video below, the Trump supporters, though insulted, treated her with more respect than she deserved. But this is nothing compared to the rest of the hate and intolerance that was shown by AntiFa towards the Trump Supporters, and even the Police themselves.

The Police Were The Bad Guys?

For the first four hours of the demonstrations, law enforcement successfully kept groups separated in an effort to avoid conflict. Overall, the strategy of keeping people separated, while allowing each group to be heard, kept the peace for hours. Things took a dangerous turn as police deployed flashbang grenades, chemical irritants, and less-lethal bullets at the antifascist gathering—to the cheers of the alt-right group—after the police announced that projectiles and a foul-smelling liquid were thrown from the roof of the public bathroom in Chapman Park.

While we understand that policing is no easy task, the pattern in Portland is clear. After a rock, stick, or liquid is thrown, Portland protests regularly devolve into the indiscriminate use of force and crowd control weapons. Our democracy is not so fragile that a rock thrown turns off the First Amendment for everyone in our city. This kind of disproportionate response is dangerous to our democracy and our lives.

Yet another lie. Portland Police were being assaulted, as were the Trump Supporters by AntiFa. Bricks, sticks, cans, and other items were being thrown at Police and the Conservatives. It also was not like this fool describes. These objects, along with the bags filled with urine and feces, were being thrown by AntiFa for over an hour before Police reacted. Enough was enough. The police decided that because people were in danger, they would widen the gap. The very MOMENT that they announced that the park AntiFa was in was closed, the assault against the Police intensified. Then and ONLY then did the police use riot control agents like flashbangs and paint balls.

This is one of the key problems of the Left. They always want to paint a picture where they are the victims. However, if AntiFa would have just moved to the adjacent park when Portland Police announced that the park they were in was closed; nothing would have happened. But, anyone who has been following Portland since the election, knows that the protesters always go against police demands.

(Portland Oregon Mayor Seeks A New Racially Sensitive Politically Correct Police Chief)

No Common Sense

To our knowledge, no other police force in America uses crowd control weapons with the regularity of the Portland Police Bureau. It bears repeating that these “less lethal” weapons are dangerous and indiscriminate. In fact, our staff attorney, who was serving as legal observer in Chapman Square, was accosted with chemical irritants and then shot in the back of her leg as she was trying to comply with police orders. A street medic was shot while treating someone for injuries sustained during the police action. Flashbangs went off immediately behind an elderly person using a cane as they desperately tried to exit the park, causing her to stumble. These are just a few of many examples of innocent people being caught up in Sunday’s police violence. It may be tempting to find comfort in the fact that in a very tense scenario things did not get far worse, but we cannot accept this as normal law enforcement behavior.

Pardon the language here but, this is what some people would call a “No Shit” comment. Other police in other cities don’t have to deal with the rioting as frequently. Also, to refresh this “legal advisers” memory a little. Every riot that happens in this country gets riot controlled agents. As for his “legal observer” who was shot in the back of the leg with a paint ball? Maybe she should have complied with the orders WHEN THEY WERE GIVEN instead of waiting till the last minute to start walking. Maybe she needs a lesson in common sense? I also love how he calls her “innocent” as well. These “legal observers” are innocent only in the sense that they aren’t yelling obscenities (sometimes). They are just as active in the protests as everybody else and they are always the usual suspects.

Police Action Wasn’t Needed?

Unnecessary and excessive use of force isn’t just bad for those caught up in the action, but it also stops members of the public from coming out and participating in our democracy. After police used crowd-control weapons on Sunday, many of the peaceful protesters gathered for a permitted counter-protest in front of City Hall left, fearful of being swept up in the police action. In other words, the actions of Portland law enforcement chilled the constitutionally-protected speech of peaceful protesters.

Unfortunately, the excessive response from law enforcement didn’t stop at firing projectiles at Chapman Square. Police orders rapidly changed at this point and officers backed Chapman Square protesters all the way into Lownsdale Park, and then told them that it too was closed. Having been forced out of two public parks, protesters then began a spontaneous march through the streets. Police then blocked in or “kettled” everyone present on an entire city block where the spontaneous march was moving, nearly 200 people, and announced that they were detaining them to investigate disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct is a minor offense and hardly something the police should prioritize at the expense of the constitutional rights of those who were detained.

The use of the word “unnecessary” is beyond laughable. People were being injured, property was being damaged, and AntiFa were trying to break through the line to assault those in the Rally. Also, the people by city hall did NOT leave after the police action began. That is another outright lie. I personally did not leave the event until a while after it was finished. When I did leave, I walked past city hall and the crowd had grown, not dispersed.

Am I the only one that finds it funny that he mentions the “permitted counter demonstration” as well? Again, did you hear anyone condemn them for their timing? Nope! Pure hypocrisy!

He also starts to talk about the people being kettled. The police told all of the people to leave and go home. They informed all of the rioters (because that is what it was turning into quickly) to disperse. They refused and kept standing against the officers. Portland Police cordoned off an entire block of these rioters and detained them. I was caught up in one of these mass arrests myself once before. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about!


The Kettling

Numerous members of the media and two ACLU legal observers were detained in that kettle. When they asked to be released, they were denied. It is unfathomable that the police had any basis for holding the media and ACLU legal observers for the purported investigation of particular subjects—the legal requirement for temporary detainment—of such a minor offense. Before allowing the protesters, bystanders, media, and legal observers to leave the kettle, law enforcement required each of them to show their ID, be photographed, and have their ID photographed. Some were told they could be arrested at a later day. The whole process took over an hour.

This part is probably the first truthful bit of his whole sad excuse of a statement. The police did not make any exceptions. If you did not comply with their order to leave the area, you were detained. Is it any surprise that the police are getting tired of dealing with this crap on a regular basis? When I was arrested, I was following their orders and heading the direction that they told us to go, but there was a disconnect somewhere, and I ended up in the wrong spot. I totally acknowledged this fact and did not hold it against Portland Police that I was detained, cuffed, and processed. That’s how any decent human being with an ounce of common sense would feel as well!

Twisting The Law

We have received many questions about the kettle, so let me take a minute to answer them:

1. Oregon law does not require people to show identification to the police, unless they are driving.

2. While police may detain someone suspected of committing a crime, they must actually be suspected of committing a crime. It is virtually impossible that Portland Police had reasonable suspicion to stop nearly 200 people including media and legal observers.

3. Photographing the face and ID of every person detained is a likely violation of the Oregon state law prohibiting the collection and retention of personal information based on political beliefs.

4. If the information was subsequently entered into a federal database, Portland Police also likely violated federal privacy rules.

We are troubled by the continued crackdown on protest by Portland Police and cooperating agencies, but the kettling of individuals and refusal to let clearly innocent people free until they had been documented was another low for our city.

  1. Correct! Oregon Law specifically does not say you have to show identification. However, federal law does! If you do not have identification, you can be placed on a hold, in a jail cell, until your identity can be verified. Thank you homeland security! This way we don’t have these little AntiFa terrorists and others like them walking around  after committing crimes, without being able to track them down. Strange concept right?
  2. When a riot is going on, any individual can be suspected of committing a crime. Especially when their faces are covered and they are all wearing the same uniform. That is what some people in law enforcement call “a clue.”
  3. How is this guy a “Legal Director” when he uses words like “likely” concerning a law. It either is, or it is not. If I was the ACLU? I would fire him immediately for being this ignorant on legal code.
  4. When you are a terrorist or a potential terrorist, the federal database is exactly where you go. Notice again that he uses the word “likely.” Not to mention, any crimes committed on federal property, is a federal issue.


This weekend, Portland was a microcosm of all that is fundamental and also frightening about the First Amendment. It is sobering to hear the deeply traumatic and hurtful words of bigots. But on Sunday, we saw the resolute power of our fundamental freedoms of speech and assembly when we collectively came together to drown out bigotry.

For an organization that’s SOLE PURPOSE (according to them) is to protect people’s civil liberties, that first sentence should be automatic grounds for termination. The defamation that follows should be grounds for a lawsuit. There were no bigoted words that came from the Free Speech Rally whatsoever. The third and most damning grounds for termination was the last sentence when he uses the word “we.”

“We collectively came together to drown out bigotry.”

The ACLU is supposed to be an impartial organization that supports free speech. Period! I personally hereby call for the ACLU to immediately terminate Mat dos Santos on the grounds listed above.


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