It Is Time For Conservatives To Rejoin Reality – Stop Acting Like Liberals!

Trigger Warning

Every day you see Liberals who are easily triggered over words. Conservatives also use this fact against them constantly. The problem however, is that it appears that Conservatives are slowly sinking down the rabbit hole themselves. Now, before Conservatives get all offended at a fellow right winger calling them out, give me a moment to state my case!

Donald Trump – Conservatives Split During The Election

During the election cycle, Conservatives and Republicans were at each others throats over Donald Trump. If you supported Donald Trump, then you were called all sorts of names like RINO, Libtard, Fake, etc. The same insults were thrown back at anyone who DIDN’T support Donald Trump.

I own a large page on Facebook that grew very rapidly during the election. Originally we supported Scott Walker as the only true Conservative that was running in the campaign. Most Conservatives were okay with this, especially because it was early on in the campaign still, and the Trump Phenomena hadn’t really started yet.

After Governor Walker dropped out of the race, the administrators on the page were split over Rubio and Cruz. Since we could not get a unanimous opinion, we campaigned for each of them equally while throwing a little love towards Jeb and Rand now and then.

All of a sudden, Donald Trump comes screaming into the forefront! Since he was previously a Democrat and nobody could really tell where he stood on things and what he was going to say; we campaigned hard against him. Remember when he said that he was a “Common Sense Conservative” last February?

Yea, people did not take too kindly to that. As a matter of fact, the Facebook page that we were posting to lost over 2,000 followers due to ONE anti-Trump post that we did. The amount of hate, name calling, etc. that we received during that period on anything anti-Trump forced us to be more neutral. Just because we said something that they didn’t like or agree with.

New Breed Of Conservative

But that is just one example! There is a new breed of “Conservative” coming out of the previous election cycle. Conservatives are starting to become more combative, outspoken, vocal, and most impressively; active. None of these things are necessarily bad! But they have to be effective and appropriate!

Liberals since the 60’s have dominated the activism scene. The Tea Party tried back in 2009 to get active, but there was no clear endgame with the Tea Party. Not to mention that the Tea Party consisted of people from all over who were just angry with the Government. It’s hard to be unified when you have so much division. Hence, the Libertarian Party.

Conservatives are now angry. With people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, Dinesh D’sousa, Ben Shapiro, and Gavin Mcinnes bringing common sense and truth back into the mainstream in their own unique ways, it is helping the Conservative movement!

The problem with this however is that Conservatives are now mastering the art of “Trolling” and it is getting out of hand!

Conservatives used to hold the moral superiority when it came to debate because we would have an intelligent conversation and beat the opponent with facts and statistics like Ben Shapiro did ever so effectively in the video below.

Combat Fire With Fire! Offending The Offended?

One of the biggest trolls out there is Milo. He uses provocative and controversial jokes to try to get people to think. Does it work? YES! But the only reason Milo is an effective troller is because he backs up his jokes with facts and statistics! Many Conservatives nowadays are stooping to Liberal levels and are only using soundbites and talking points. This does not help our case!

It is time for Conservatives to start reading and researching what is really going on so that they can get back to beating people intellectually instead of repeating something Milo or Shapiro already said.

The Buddhists describe debate perfectly:

Debate in Buddhism is not about defeating someone with clever logic. It is to help students develop certainty in their understanding, so that they have no doubts in meditation. Each student in a class challenges a fellow classmate to defend their position by positing questions and pointing out any inconsistencies in their answers. In the end, both sides benefit.

Isn’t that what we are trying to do? Bring people over to our side? Granted, I know full well that many Liberals are a lost cause just because of how they think. However, we still have to try right?

Stop Being So Easily Triggered!

Seriously y’all! I know that Conservatives have been under attack for so long that it feels good to be able to attack back for once. But, be careful about who you are attacking and make sure that your anger is justified! Don’t lose your mind just because a headline or meme offended you!

So many people are just reading the headlines of articles and attacking the author. Not to mention that too many read the big letters in a meme and forget to read the caption.

Just because something might go against your own personal sensibilities, doesn’t give you the right to go “full libtard” on someone! Ask questions! Have a conversation! Try to figure out what is going on! Then if your knee-jerk reaction was justified after getting all of the information? Attack the crap out of them! But use facts not feelings!

One of our writers put it perfectly: 

It’s hard to debate with cocky, no nothing progressives today without stooping to their level. That’s why sometimes in certain debates I just have to walk away before I lose my temper. It’s one thing to say something you later regret. It’s another thing to have it on social media where it lasts forever.

Wise words! Sometimes it is just better to walk away when you realize there is no point in continuing the conversation. Just because you are offended does not mean you should continue to engage. You know what happens when you’re offended? Nothing!

Spot The Fake News And STOP SHARING IT!

This was the most annoying thing about the election cycle that continues even today! Somehow “Conservatives” have completely lost the ability to tell the difference between tabloid garbage and legitimate news! Conservatives, like most Americans, are getting WAY to lazy! Does the news article have multiple sources? Are they legitimate sources?

Yes, CNN has a history of putting out some clickbait and bending the truth a bit when it comes to their writing. But nothing is stopping you from going to Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, FOX, etc, etc, etc; to make sure that it could at least be substantiated!

When you’re clicking those articles, you are fueling the fire. Thanks to right wingers who failed to do this, the left has all of the ammo in the world to shout out fake news at us! They might have written it, but WE read it and dispersed it! It was a trap that nobody should have ever fallen for.

Liberals could never before call Conservatives stupid, until 2016. Can we try to make a change and stop the fake news in its tracks? That would be great!


Conservatives need to take a step back and realize that Liberals are starting to use our own attacks against us. We have been attacking them so long on how they cannot debate. We say things like; “typical liberal” and “always have to result to name calling when you lose the debate.”

But, guess what guys! We are doing it too!! I know I am! While being on multiple social media platforms, I have seen a lot of you doing it too! We need to regain that moral and intellectual superiority against these people! It’s really not that hard!!

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