According To Liberals: Trump Supporters And Christians Are All Terrorists But BLM And AntiFa Aren’t

Trump Supporters And Christians Get Equated As Terrorists Update: Feds Deny Portland Oregon Mayor’s Demand To Revoke Permit To Trump Supporters As many of you are aware, there is a showdown going on right now in Portland Oregon. There is misinformation

What The Hell?! Mike Brown Family Gets Huge Payday For A Justifiable Police Shooting?

Family Of Mike Brown Get Huge Payday For Justifiable Shooting Welcome to America! A place where a criminal can be shot, and the city will pay the family a huge payday because they felt bad about it. The family of

It Is Time For Conservatives To Rejoin Reality – Stop Acting Like Liberals!

Trigger Warning Every day you see Liberals who are easily triggered over words. Conservatives also use this fact against them constantly. The problem however, is that it appears that Conservatives are slowly sinking down the rabbit hole themselves. Now, before

Liberal Media Showed Their “Tolerance” With Otto Warmbier With HuffPo And Salon Headlines

HuffPo and Salon Show Liberal Tolerance When They Blasted Otto Warmbier Below are the headlines that the tolerant left decided to put out following the “capture” of Otto Warmbier. Little did they know, but what many of us suspected, that

A Party Platform Tailored To True Conservative Values – A Conservative Platform

The Conservative Platform Preamble The Conservative Platform is a statement of who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe as a Party, while laying out our vision for the future of The United States of America. As

AntiFa Tranny Punches A Fellow CSC Media Group US Reporter And Instantly Regrets It

CSC Media Group US Reporter Gets Punched By Transgender AntiFa Then Defends Himself MMA Style Deme Cooper, one of my fellow reporters and the owner of the YouTube Channel “Airliner World & More”, was assaulted on Saturday in Portland Oregon

Remember When Loretta Lynch Called For More Blood On The Streets? The Left Listened!

Democrat Leadership Is Responsible For The Violence From The Left Loretta Lynch Calls For More Blood On The Streets Kathy Griffin Poses With A ‘Severed Trump Head’ – U.S. Secret Service Responds On Wednesday, a Bernie supporter went to Virginia

The Complete Detailed Racist History Of The Democrat Party – From Jackson To Obama

Revisionist History Being Taught In Schools Across The Country And Reported By The Media Liberals love to revise American history because they are ashamed of their past. Maybe it is time to set the record straight on things. Here is a